Which Credit Cards are Likely to Be Most Popular in 2017

Donald Marks

Many credit card companies are competing to offer the best terms and rewards bonuses for their credit cards to attract customers. The most popular credit cards usually offer cash back rewards, which means, you get back a percentage of the price you pay for the item. The following are 5 credit cards likely to become popular and have a lot of signups in 2017.

1. Chase Freedom Unlimited
Chase Freedom Unlimited features a 15 months zero percent APR period. The regular variable APR is in between 14.24% – 23.24%. You get a 1.5% cash back on all purchases every time you make a purchase with the card. The card can be used for balance transfer and it charges a 5% or $5 minimum balance transfer fee. Cardholders have the opportunities of earning a signup bonus that worth $150 after spending $500 on the card in 3 months starting from the day you open the account.

2. Capital One Quicksilver One

Capital One Quicksilver One provides unlimited 1.5% cash back on every single purchase. There is no expiry date for the rewards and you can redeem them whenever you want. It offers a 0% intro period for a period of 9 months on purchases, after which you will be charged an APR rate of 23.24%. The card’s credit limit will increase when you promptly make payment for at least 5 months. The card has an annual fee of $39.

3. Citi Double Cash Card

Citi Double Cash Card is offering an 18 months intro period, after which you will be charged a regular APR rate of between 13.24%-23.24%. It automatically issues a 1% cash back and another 1% cash back after you have paid off your credit card bill. You have unlimited opportunity to earn a cash back, which means that there is no maximum spending limit. Cash back can be redeemed in statement credit or checks.

4. Discover it Cashback Match
Discover it Cashback Match is offering a 5% cash back for up to $1,500 when you shop at Amazon, Sam’s Club and department stores based in USA. You can also earn rewards when you shop with stores listed in Discover Deals. The cash back can be used to redeem a variety of rewards including statement credits, gift cards, and e-certificates.

5. Blue Cash Preferred Card
Blue Cash Preferred Card will reward cardholders who spend at least $1,000 with a statement credit worth $150. You can earn a 6% cash back when you shop at the local U.S. supermarkets. The cap for the 6% cash back is $6,000 per year. In the first 6 months, you can earn 10% cash back for shopping at Amazon for up to $200. You can earn a 3% cash back if you use the card to buy petrol at the local gas station and department stores based in the USA. Blue Cash Preferred Cards offers a 1 year zero percent intro period for both purchases and balance transfers. After the 1 year intro period is over, you will be charged with the regular APR ranges from 13.24%-23.24%.

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